Friday, 31 August 2012

Joining us on the #CRAFTfest blog today we have...

...a fantastic guest blog post from Garreth and Carla of Scentcosmetics. Rise up and be counted crafters!
Please share amongst yourselves and with the world!

Calling all Arm-chair Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Globalisation and Fair Trade Campaigners! Support Local

Do you quietly boycott the multinational global brands in a bid to make the world a better place? Perhaps you even take to the streets?
Do you try and support Fair Trade wherever possible?
Are you concerned about the global financial collapse, carbon foot-prints and environmentalism?

If you do - you will probably also have some nominal notion about the importance of shopping local. Of supporting local crafters and ensuring they get a fair wage for the quality products they make. If you do - you will believe in supporting people at a time of financial austerity as opposed to paying massive prices on items that aren't worth it. You will resent paying way above the manufacturing cost just so you can get to see an advert about it on TV that will try to persuade you to buy more. Adverts that proclaim luxury and quality whilst the company has workers tied (sometimes literally) to the sewing machines - as demonstrated by my son!

I am therefore calling on all moralists, anyone with some form of social concern and desire to rectify this sorry, jaded and false consumerism to take a stand.

I'm not asking for much but I am asking for action. Action that requires you to click that little left button on the mouse a few times to register your support for crafters - people to make things, the manufacturers located in your own homes, towns and villages that we so often overlook. People struggling to get by because they love what they do as opposed to worrying about trying to gain that prestigious and luxurious prize of a "minimum wage".

I'm asking you to wage a war against the capitalist multi-nationals in a bid to support your friends, acquaintances and yes, even that odd old lady(kindly demonstrated by Carla) down the road that is really quite a recluse but who faithfully knits scarves to sell in order to raise funds for an orphan in Africa (better that then actually send the thing!)

For the first week of September I am asking you to spend a few minutes each day working in support of Craftfest: clicking, supporting, liking and tweeting lovely little items that you find on this on-line craft market. Craftfest runs a few times a year in a bid to create an online community craft market where sellers can work together to promote and share each others wonderful creations. It gives fellow crafter's the sense of being part of a bigger community, of supporting and encouraging one another and promoting each others work to their own client base.

Most of us register in a bid to try and sell a few more items and make a little extra wonga...

But in reality Craftfest is much more than that. You see even the on-line world is dominated by a multinational: google and specifically, google ads. Other search engines all work the same way. BIG on-line companies pay for space that dominate the top pages of any search. Whilst the search engine's claim to work democratically there are ways to promote your work on-line. You must word items in specific ways, tailor it to specific items and make sure you edit your descriptions so google doesn't treat it as spam. This all makes sense to an expert but to a novice crafter - the on-line world is daunting.

One solution to this is to make a little noise on the net. The more noise you make then the likelier it is you will get noticed by search engines such as Google. If you create enough noise you may even get the wonderful chance of having something going viral. The only way of doing this is by using Social media.

Herein lies the genius of Craftfest. The craftfest community is about a market stall - but it is so much more than that. It is fundamentally a means of creating noise on the internet. The sheer fact that the 200 stall holders will be working our butts off all week tweeting, blogging, pinning etc. each others work is all in the hope that the favour will be returned. If returned that means you have up to 200 more people tweeting and commenting on your items at the one time. 200 people taking one hour to tweet and re-tweet just may get noticed but if they can also recruit people to campaign with us on our behalf then we could really up the anti!

If each crafter brought with us another 1 or 2 people to campaign with us then we can up this number to 600 people liking, tweeting and pinning at once. If we get 10 each - 2000 and so it goes.

What do you get out of it?

Many of the crafter's don't have cash and can't offer discounts (the barely make enough money as it is). That's the point. This is a campaign. This is you taking the high ground. You may not be able to purchase - and to be honest that is fine (sort of) but perhaps more importantly you can help us get noticed to buyers. That is awesome. Why do it? Well... its because you believe in it.

I'm a firm believer in Organic, in fair-trade and in ethical shopping - but the reality is that most of this helps people abroad. Shopping local is an idea but its been difficult to see it become a reality. By helping to promote the people of Craftfest - you are doing your bit to change to world. To change the focus from the global, to the local. From the mass-produced to the hand-made, custom orders that the people of Craftfest specialise in.

So what do you say? Are you in?

It runs from the 1st - 8th Sept.

We will be tweeting, FBing and blogging many things over the next week and we would love you to play a part. Share, like, pin, tweet, talk about us to anyone and everyone. Do it a few times a day at different times in the day. Sure we love you sharing about us at any time - but this week is special - its about creating some noise!!!!!

So lets raise the warrior cry for our crafters! Lets give some artisans our support - lets stick our tongues out to the people that brand us and define us and say "ENOUGH!" We will do our own thing - thank you very much.

Feel free to pin, share and like this to your hearts content - lets get craftfest out there!

My stall:

My other details:

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CRAFTfest Stall Links & Avatars

**UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 21:00**

Evening festers!

So, we are going to hit the button later on this evening on Creative Connections to turn the network into CRAFTfest!
This is the time to check and double check your stall and make sure it works correctly. 
Please send in any corrections to 

The link below is a list of all the information that has been used to build CRAFTfest itself. This link will open up a spreadsheet which updates live from CRAFTfest HQ! (All personal data eg emails, have been removed for privacy reasons)

Please find yourself and make sure all your information is up to date. Any avatars that we haven't had in yet would be gratefully received. We still have time to put them up!

Any 'festers that are yet to send in their stall URL, please do, although your stall already lies at the end of its category. Any stalls with no links will be deleted at the beginning of the 'fest on Saturday.

No.15 Coral team Craftfest stall preview

Coral Team

Silver Angel Designs

jewellery designer using semi precious gems and swarovski crystal. have my own business called maelotti which sells my jewellery under my name of silver angel and my husbands art. mum of 2 and volunteer at local commnuity art group

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Jewellery by Lauren
 Hi and welcome to Jewellery by Lauren, here is a small collection of items we have for sale, please have a look at our websites for more pieces.
We can make custom orders so if you like a design but would like a different colour etc please let us know

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Simply Soaparior

i make cold process soap, slices and cakes. I also make massage bars and cupcake bath bombs. i do it as a hobby but got abit carryed away and need to sell some.

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Mariposa Textiles
Mariposa Textiles one stop shop for vivid bold printed accessories, jewellery and fabrics. Original design Fabrics include velvet, silk crepe de chine, Irish Linen,upholstery, cottons.
Products include Silk Scarves, hats, headpieces, tea towels, cushions, bags 

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Even More Lilac Lovelies

I have another set of stalls for you to peruse, all in the Lilac Lovelies team.

Amanda Lincoln Party Printables

In my shop we supply printable partyware for crafty people to print out and make up at home. You buy the artwork direct from us, we send you a PDF via an email link and you print it out, and make each of the goods yourself; a great activity to keep kids occupied pre-party!

The designs are grouped into coordinated themed collections, each has everything you could want for a party from invites to cupcake toppers and wrappers. Designs include: Alice in Wonderland, Fairy Princess and Robots for children's parties, and Pink Elephant for christenings or baby showers and many more alongside. Buying the artwork allows you to print as many as you like, so whatever size party you are planning you're covered.

Throw a party from the comfort of your own computer - Just print, create and then celebrate!

 Fashion Inked

After three years of declining and conjugating words belonging to languages nobody speaks any more, of reading texts written literally thousands of years ago, of learning about men whose facial hair would make the hippest of hipsters jealous and whose dining habits would make Henry VIII wince and clutch his belly, I finally succumbed to the need for a creative outlet.

I'd painted ever since my chubby little hands could hold a paintbrush - probably before then, actually, using said chubby little hands for splodgy finger painting - but having completed my GCSEs I made the fatal error of enrolling in an art school, and after quitting seven weeks later (I couldn't stand being forced to paint in other people's styles with media I didn't want to work with) I barely picked up a pencil or a paintbrush again; until a month or so ago, that is. I bought some watercolours from my local stationers on a whim, and painting has struck a chord once again.

I've always had a bit of a fascination with design and fashion, so I suppose it was inevitable that I would gravitate towards painting these kinds of things first. I started off sketching portraits and outfits of my favourite style bloggers, and now as well as these I paint celebrity portraits and create little patterns of my favourite iconic pieces from the great fashion houses. 

Vintage Beadery

  I make Jewellery using vintage and modern beads with sea glass and beach ceramic fragments. My work is created using needle bead weaving techniques, very time consuming but creating beautiful effects. Each piece is unique as no two pieces of sea glass are ever exactly the same. I make to commission if required, using a piece of glass from my collection or one you have found yourself.
I also work with vintage lace and recycled vintage jewellery, perfect for weddings or just for every day.
My work was recently included in a book, Showcase 500 Beaded Jewellery, published by Lark Crafts (Sterling Publishing)

 Website    Blog    Facebook


 Country Bazaar

 Inspired by the beautiful Highland landscape, I have created a range of ethical accessories for you and your home. Using the finest un-dyed or natural plant dyed yarns from Scotland, Harris Tweed, and other materials which are one, or all, of the following:
100% Natural
Produced in Britain

 Hoobynoo World

Hoobynoo World is a happy place, full of bright colours...where the sun is always shining!
It is also filled with a whole host of fun and fabulous characters, each with their own unique, bouncy personality! These characters are available as Acrylic Jewellery and handmade felt accessories.

Crafty Chicks

 I offer all kinds of paper piecings, From babies to weddings. We have something for everybody. We also offer scrapbooking pages and many of other projects


Inspired Scrapbooks

 I make a variety of papercraft items including mini scrapbook albums, cards, gift bags, tags and note cards.
I only use high quality materials, and all my products are made with love and care, from my home.


 Tumblebead was founded by Sara Johnson a self certified bead addict with a passion for making hand crafted beaded jewellery.
I'll be back with more Lilac Lovelies for you soon

Flick xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

No.14 Coral team Craftfest stall preview

Coral Team

Sew Make Me

We are Sew Make Me, we sell handmade home accessories, aprons, cushions, bucket bags, pincushions and frilly pinnys. You can buy our items ready made or as a sewing kit to make at home. x

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Cariad's Nest
 Hello, Hello and welcome to Cariad's Nest.

Here at Cariad’s Nest – our real names are Colleen and Rhona, we are friends and business partners of our gorgeous home wares. 
We supply various items – feel free to have a look around and please contact us if you would like any information on anything you would like to buy. 
Our intention is to supply beautiful items for your home at reasonable prices. Please contact us if you are after something specific and we will do our best to source it for you.
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
With best wishes

Cariad's Nest x

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

  InkBison, selling unique creations in ink, was formed in January 2012 by Guernsey artist Gina Andrews, who has been drawing and painting since she was knee high to a grasshopper.

Gina loves to paint animals, as they evoke such wonderful emotions. With the hope of spreading joy, Gina also turns her paintings into greeting cards (printed on high quality recycled card). Signed Giclée Fine Art prints (printed on lovely Somerset Velvet enhanced fine art paper) are also available.

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

September CRAFTfest Stalls List

***UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 20:34**

September #CRAFTfest is almost upon us!!
1st - 8th September!

Here is the final booked stalls list for the event to help you all promote. The main category pages will be available for you to check your links when Creative Connections switches over during the week before the event. We had 184 stalls booked for this one.

If you haven't got a stall link next to your business name please submit it here   immediately. Thank you.

Business Name Stall URL

Mystic Earth Mystic Earth Stall
Sprinkles Sparkles Sprinkles Sparkles Stall
Scrapbookerry Scrapbookerry Stall
MinXtures MinXtures Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Stall
Lorraine Dowdle Creations Lorraine Dowdle Creations Stall
MinXtures Cards MinXtures Cards Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Baby Stall
Lorraine Dowdle Creations Lorraine Dowdle Creations Stall
The Bead Bounty The Bead Bounty Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Supplies Stall
Handmade in Keswick Handmade in Keswick Stall
The Bead Bounty The Bead Bounty Jewellery Stall
Shinyies Shinyies Stall
Raven's Stained Glass Raven's Stained Glass Stall
Nevar Nevar Stall
Serenity Potions Serenity Potions Stall
Paulines Passions Paulines Passions Stall
Personal Space Interiors Personal Space Interiors Stall
Personal Space Interiors Personal Space Interiors Vintage Stall
Waterlily Designs Waterlily Designs Stall
Hannahbella Cards and Lovehuggles Hannahbella Cards and Lovehuggles Stall
Inkyprints-Originals Inkyprints Originals Stall
Auli'i Beads Auli'i Beads Stall
Bonnie Beads Bonnie Beads Stall
Woolly Pig Designs Woolly Pig Designs Stall
Oakapple & Rose Oakapple & Rose Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Baby & Child Stall
Waterlily Keepsakes Waterlily Keepsakes Stall
Makeaholic Makeaholic Stall
LO! Designz LO! Designz Stall
Tasha's Creations Tasha's Creations Stall
Kipper Tie And Cake Kipper Tie and Cake Stall
Mammazooms Mammazooms Stall
Kabuki Kabuki Stall
Shalotte Shalotte Stall
Ello Design Ello Design Stall
Beautiful,Beautiful Beads Beautiful, Beautiful Beads Stall
Clementine's Threads Clemtine's Threads Stall
Loutul Loutul Stall
Willow's Room Willow's Room Stall
Cheeky Rose Studio Cheeky Rose Studio Stall
Arabella's Attic Arabella's Attic Stall
Nicole de Bruin Nicole de Bruin Stall
Patrice Jewellery and Handmade Crafts No Album available on profile
sadiesjewellery Sadies Jewellery Stall
BerryNiceCrafts Berry Nice Crafts Stall
BerryNiceCrafts Berry Nice Crafts 2nd Stall
BelleBangles cancellation
Acacia Crafts Acacia Crafts Stall
Bowman Bears Bowman Bears Stall
jennyrosemann JennyRosemann Stall
Kozmic Dreams Kozmic Dreams Stall
Lionheart Stationers Lionheart Stationers Stall
Jellybean Jewellery Jellybean Jewellery Stall
tierra natural skin care Tierra Natural Skin Care Stall
Ruby Loves Flamingos Ruby Loves Flamingos Stall
The Long Collection The Long Collection Stall
The Long Collection The Long Collection Card Stall
SelenarteDecoupage Selenarte Decoupage Stall
Baird Designs Baird Designs Stall
My Calico Heart My Calico Heart
Pins and Needles Worcester Pins and Needles Worcester
The Crafty Cwtch No Album available
All Things Blankets & More All Things Blankets & More Stall
Revive Holistic and Beauty Therapies Revive Holistic and Beauty Therapies Stall
The Old Button The Old Button
centi-bead Centi-Bead Stall
norfolkwoodcrafts norfolkwoodcrafts
The Wax Worx The Wax Worx Stall
Ostra's Creations Ostra's Creations Stall
MaisyPlum Maisy Plum Stall
Ellorias Boutique Ellorias Boutique Stall
lovehugskisses Lovehugskisses Stall
Rainbow Sparkles Crafts Rainbow Sparkles Crafts Stall
mad about bags Mad About Bags Stall
The Pot Factory The Pot Factory
Dream of Silver Dream of Silver Stall
Puppets in a bag Puppets in a bag Stall
Lottie of London Jewellery Lottie of London Jewellery Stall
Tangent Crafts Tangent Crafts Stall
D & D Designs Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery D & D Designs Stall
tag'e'line tag'e'line Stall
ColaCreations Cola Creations Stall
Brimble Originals Brimble Originals Stall
Amigurumi Barmy Cant find you on CC
The Ruby Range The Ruby Range
angels crafty wonders Angels Crafty Wonders Stall
BeadedBazaar Beaded Bazaar Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Card Stall
Hingston Designs Hingston Designs Stall
Natural Bathing Co Natural Bathing Co Stall
Scentcosmetics Scentcostmetics Stall
Because of Annie Because of Annie Stall
Bibs 'n' pieces Bibs'n'pieces Stall
Shabby Chicness Shabby Chickness Stall
Cut and Tear No Album available
KOOSHKA London Kooshka London Stall
The Cake Nest The Cake Nest Stall
alison todd ceramics Alison Todd Ceramics Stall
Susie sparkles jewellery No Album available
KK Marie's KK Maries Stall
Amanda Lincoln Party Printables Amanda Lincoln Party Printables Stall
PollyAJewellery PollyA Jewellery Stall
Siog Designs Siog Designs Stall
Fashion, Inked Fashion Inked Stall
Globie Makes handmade by Zoe Globie Makes Handmade By Zoe Stall
Globie Makes handmade by Zoe Globie Makes Handmade By Zoe 2nd Stall
Oakwood Soaperie Oakwood Soaperie Stall
The Gilded Mussel The Gilded Mussel Stall
Velvetpaws Velvetpaws
Lynsey Loves xxx Lynsey Loves xxx Stall
JillyBeanPottery JillyBean Pottery Stall
ChicnTrendy ChicnTrendy Stall
Made By Laura Made By Laura
Simply soaperior Simply soaperior
Rota art Rotar Art Stall
Far North Soap No Album available
Tremough Glass Tremough Glass Stall
Jewellery By Jora Jewellery By Jora Stall
January's Jewels No Pictures or Album available
Little Creatures Little Creatures Stall
Unique Handcrafts Unique Handcrafts Stall
Bright Glass No Pictures or Album available
HannahSmithStone HannahSmithStone Stall
Mariposa Textiles Mariposa Textiles Stall
Crystalpower2u Crystalpower2u Stall
Sockies by KFH Sockies by KFH Stall
the crystal cavern The Crystal Cavern Stall
GemzGems GemzGems Stall
Milly & Me Designs Milly & Me Designs
Emmy Jewellery Emmy Jewellery Stall
Free Spirit Designs Free Spirit Designs Stall
Vintage Beadery Vintage Beadery Stall
The MacsX The MacsX Stall
Beadtopia Beadtopia Stall
Country Bazaar Country Bazaar Stall
Kerri Robberts Designs Kerri Robberts Designs Stall
Daisydoo's Designs Daisydoo's Designs Stall
Silver Angel designs Silver Angel desings
Angela Brookens Art Angela Brookens Art Stall
Shamballary Beads Shamballary Beads Stall
Daniblu Jewelry Daniblu Jewellery Stall
Kiera L Dewar - Artist cancellation
Hoobynoo World Hoobynoo World Stall
Plusheeze Plusheeze Stall
Cottage Soap Company Cottage Soap Company Stall
Fairy Elephant Designs Fairy Elephant Designs Stall
Cute! Pet Gear Cute! Pet Gear Stall
Paula McGurdy No Pictures or Album available
Camelot Creations Camelot Creations Stall
Jewellery By Lauren Jewellery By Lauren
All at Sea All At Sea Stall
Pink Sparkles No Pictures or Album available
BeauBangles Beau Bangles Stall
The Shed The Shed Stall
BadEricBoutique BadEricBoutique Stall
Chanelled Creations Chanelled Creations Stall
Craftie Chicks Craftie Chicks Stall
Tumblebead Tumblebead Stall
Pickle Pie Creations Pickle Pie Creations
Louise Spokes Louise Spokes Stall
Cariads Nest Cariads Nest Stall
paperheartcreation Paperheartcreation Stall
Perfect Day Wishes Perfect Day Wishes Stall
Sew Make Me Sew Make Me Stall
Nanuk Jewellery Nanuk Jewellery Stall
PlanetPompom Planet PomPom Stall
Animal Spirit Art Animal Spirit Art Stall
LindiBears LindiBears Stall
inspiredbyJanie Inspired By Janie Stall
DinoBelle No Pictures or Album available
The Craft Arcade The Craft Arcade Stall
Sheena Rogers Designs Sheena Rogers Designs Stall
InkBison InkBison Stall
Just K Jewellery Just K Jewellery Stall
Dolly What Not Dolly What Not Stall
Silverfusion Silver Fusion Stall
Rachel Warren Jewellery Broken Stall Link - Please submit your link here  asap
2 Crafty Birds 2 Crafty Birds Stall
Lisa Mahaffey Lisa Mahaffey Stall
Fungi Futures No Album available
Indigomoss Limited Cant find you on CC

All stalls that do not exist, are empty or have no link submitted by 5pm on Thursday 30th August will be removed from the main stall pages that are being created. Please make sure that you do not miss out!

***UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 20:34**

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

No.10 - More lovely purple #CRAFTfest stall previews

Bowman Bears

Hello, I make pretty jointed keepsake bears made from lovely cotton fabrics and Memory bears made from baby/children's clothes. All of my bears in my stall are made to order. Due to the handmade nature of my bears, they are not suitable for children, and they are not toys. Not suitable for children under 14 years.

 Nanuk Jewellery

Nanuk Jewellery is a range of jewellery designed and hand made by Louise Farrow using silver clay, sterling silver and semi-precious stones and beads.

Dolly What Not


Welcome to Dolly What Not the home of handmade cards, gifts & jewellery



At Silverfusion you will find a selection of handmade beads. Some will be glass using a technique called lampworking, some will be polymer clay, and some will be metal.

2 Crafty Birds

2 Crafty Birds! is a mother and daughter run business based in South Wales. Paula designs and makes hand-woven jewellery, primarily using seed beads and lots and lots of sparkly crystals!