Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas CRAFTfest Stats Round Up

Well hello there!
Who wants stats for the Christmas CRAFTfest event?

This fabulous fest started with a soft opening on Friday 23rd November to celebrate Black Friday and then officially opened at Midnight on Saturday 24th and ended at Midnight on Sunday 2nd December.

We are very proud to announce that your combined promotions brought us in a whopping

 page views!

 Unique people found us!

 New Visitors who have never been before!

Isn't that FANTASTIC! 

Now, we had 250 stalls for this event so we can't place all of them but we can let you know the top 25 most visited main stall URL's!

From the top then:

Kim Jacques Designs
Apple Crisp
Epple Bay Ceramics
Inspired Scrapbooks
Creative Jems Cards
Rainbow Sparkles
DD Designs
Khaya Bella
Bowerbird Bears
Yho Yho
Fairfield Gardens
Creative Jems Jewellery
The Old Button
Oakwood Soaperie
Steph Made it for you
Willow Eyes
Elsie May and Bertha
Emmy Jewellery
Silvers Nature
Kiln Fired Art
Perfect Patchwork Supplies

Congratulations to everyone who took part and visited the event. It was fabulously successful and there were loads and loads of visits from the Sales Fairy. For those that still didn't manage to grab any sales don't feel down, you have learnt new skills, put in solid groundwork with SEO for your stores and sales may dribble in within a few weeks. They don't have to take place during the week itself remember, lots of sales happen before and after we finish. So keep going, keep crafting and we hope to see you all again in the New Year when we start preparations for Marches FUNfest!

Before we leave you to your festivities for the 2012 don't forget that you are now a member of the Creative Connections Community. Your network is always there for you whether there is an event running or not so please pop in and see your friends and keep the fun going.

Merry Christmas!