Monday, 19 March 2012

CRAFTfest View Results!

Here is some fascinating visitor information for the March CRAFTfest Event!

Throughout the week long event we had:


49.02% were new visitors that have never been before!

We would like to thank you all for participating and putting in all of the hard work to make it such a success!
We hope that you will join us again for the June CRAFTfest. Booking forms will be reopening soon!

We would appreciate stall holders who had sales to email the amount to us at as we would like to do some sellers features on the network.

Here is a list of the top 50 most popular stalls by views for the March event.

Paulines Passions
Perfect Patchwork
Uniquely Yours
MinXtures – Home
Pinky Minky
DM Designs
Scratchy Cat Crafts
The Very Small Company
Sparkling Rhinos
Daisy Made It
Designs by JoJo
Ravens Stained Glass
Out of the Bex Design
The Bead Bounty
Lionheart Stationers
Tangent Crafts
Crazy Little Cottage
All Things Blankets and More
Waterlily Designs
Monkeys From Heaven
Mystic Moon
Tilly Mint Boutique
Jacqueline Jones
Spiral Fountain Jewellery
MinXtures Cards
Lorraine Dowdle Creations
Two Blue Cats
Wendy Elf
Lemur Lady
Lorraine Dowdle Lampwork Beads
Arabellas Attic
Dransfield and Proud
Simply Soaperior
Chasing Beads
Designs By Noa
Jellybean Jewellery
Slowlane Handmades
The Long Collection
Fairfield Gardens
Inari Design
Seawitch Designs
Als Gems

We would also like to thank everyone who joined in with out Twitter Fest Finale last night. We will be hosting one for the June event on the first Sunday of the event 10th June instead of at the end as it whipped up quite a lot of interest.

Looking forward to seeing you again for the next one.
From your CRAFTfest team

Next CRAFTfest is:
9th - 16th June 2012

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  1. Ooh, how interesting! Thank you for putting the list together. What incredible numbers!