Friday, 25 May 2012

Found this amazing blog from one of our CRFATfesters, thought you might all like to read it, and with her permission I have been able to post it here for you.

If you'd like to check out her other blogs do please pop over to her blogspot 

A huge thank you to Handmade In Keswick

What is CRAFTfest?

Is this event any different to a multitude of others?

The more observant among you will have noticed the small advert I have for CRAFTfest June 2012 as my header.

Its fairly obvious (I hope) that its an online craft fair, but it is different (that's me hoping again) in that each of the 150 or so stall holders is going to work really hard to promote the event and each other.

So is it actually going to be any different?  Well, time will tell. But I am certainly not going to be thinking that I should have done more, and I have a plan (I haven't yet really, but it is forming).

What is CRAFTfest supposed to achieve?

Some sales on my Folksy shop and my Etsy is the ultimate aim.  Greater exposure forHandmade In Keswick can only be a good thing, and some different contacts in my network may help me achieve that.

What's the plan of action?

Tricky one this, as this is my first CRAFTfest, I don't really know what to expect.  I've been put in the Purple Advertising Team (whatever that might mean) and I think I'm gonna be fairly flexible and try to work with whatever anyone else might do, but I do have a plan of sorts. 


As well as trying to work out how to embed my stall link on to my blog, I'll be blogging every day from Saturday 9th of June to Saturday 16th of June, showcasing work from the Purple Team.  Each blog will be posted on my Handmade In Keswick Facebook Page;TweetedPinned; and Stumbled, shared on the Creative Connections Ning, various forums and teams that I belonged to.  And I'm hoping other CRAFTfest stallholders will engage in the process, by commenting, sharing, and allowing me to share their own related blogs.


During the week, Purple Team stalls (and any others I fall over) will be posted to myCRAFTfest Pinboard, and also shared, repinned etc as mentioned before.  I'll be looking for other CRAFTfest Boards, commenting, repinning, sharing, tweeting etc, and I hope other stallholders 'll be doing the same.


Purple Team stalls will be Stumbled prior to the event starting, and I'll be investigating what else I can do to extend that, and asking other stallholders for ideas about it too.


There'll be Liking, sharing, commenting and anything else I can think of from myHandmade In Keswick Facebook Page and my personal page, as well as posting on other stallholders pages, during and before the start of the event.


I'll be tweeting Purple stallholder links along with #CRAFTfest all through the event, as well as retweeting and answering any I find.  I'm just setting up to Twuff some stuff to go out overnight during the event, in the hope of engaging our overseas cousins.

I'll also be Tweeting links to anyone famous/influential/pots of money I can think of during the event.  Haven't quite worked out who yet, but I'm hoping that other stallholders will have some ideas.


The usual posters, business cards, newsletters etc.  I off to a usually well attended local fairthis Saturday, so I'm hoping to give out some info then.

Lets not forget the weather

Have I done enough?  Am I doing enough?  I hope so, cos I'm sitting inside, and its HOT out there.

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