Sunday, 9 September 2012

September CRAFTfest Viewing Figures!

Goodbye September CRAFTfest
But thank you 'festers, buyers and browsers for joining us.
We hope you ALL enjoyed the 'fest as much as we did organinsing it. 

The forms are already open where you can book for our  
 in November!
We all like to be organised for the festive season don't we so we hope this will help.

This event has been totally fantastic!
Sales have been really good this season, and we must say a HUGE well done and thank you to our Promotions Leader, Lu, for all the networking activities during the week.

also go out to our Advertising Team Leaders
Flick from LILAC Advertising Group
Gill from PURPLE Advertising Group
 Lorraine from TEAL Advertising Group
Sally-Jo from CORAL Advertising Group

Now for the bit you have all been waiting for!

This last week the page views for CRAFTfest are:


The most visited top 25 stalls for the September event were:

Waterlily Keepsakes
Personal Space Interiors (home stall)
The Old Button
PollyA Jewellery
Personal Space Interiors (vintage stall)
Dreams of Silver
Auli'i Beads
Paulines Passions
Cardcraft by Susan
Elloria's Boutique
Ravens Stained Glass
Mariposa Textiles
The Crystal Cavern
Tremough Glass
Handmade in Keswick
Kipper Tie and Cake
KK Marie's
Cola Creations
The Cake Nest
Beautiful Beautiful Beads
Willows Room
Scent Cosmetics
Siog Designs

We would still like to hear about your sales so if you haven't already, please mention them on our sales post

We hope that you have enjoyed the event as much as we have and will be joining us for the next one.

Good work girls & guys!
From your CRAFTfest team.

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