Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blue Team #Christmas #craftfest Blog - Part 1

Introducing some of the amazing stalls taking part in the Nov/Dec Christmas 2014 #Craftfest event. Today we have sneak previews from Enamels by Francis Hayes of Ormesby, Silver Sensations and Strombolitwo.

Enamels by Francis Hayes of Ormesby

I make enamel jewellery and ornaments by fusing glass to a copper base. To do this I build up thin layers of powdered glass on the copper, firing each layer to red heat in a kiln. Typically every piece will have a minimum of five layers and many will have more than that. Each piece is unique and cannot be repeated.

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Silver Sensations

For Handmade Jewellery As Individual As You. 
I'm Lynne & all Silver Sensations jewellery is handmade by me. Every piece of jewellery has been lovingly handmade with attention to detail & using only the highest quality genuine Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Pearls & Crystals. I only create a limited number of each design & some will be one of a kind.

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Gorgeous accessories for men and women made from upcycled kimono silks  including ties, cravats, purses, bags, scarves, brooches, hair clips, jewellery and introducing a range of christmas cards.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to the #craftfest event & the interaction of fellow craftfesters. Lots of lovely items to be had which make perfect #Christmas gifts.

  2. Gorgeous - lots of lovely luxurious materials used by these very talented crafters. I have bought gifts from Stombolitwo and Enamels by Francis Hayes in previous years - delighted with both. And I'm loving the orange jasper bead braceley by Silver Sensations.

    1. Thank you Sharon for that lovely comment. I'm going to be pinning, hashtaggng (if there is such a word haha), retweeting, favouriting & trying my best to do what I can to promote everyone. Hopefully doing all the right things in all the right places. :-)