Sunday, 12 June 2016

#Craftfest June 2016 - today's featured stalls are Weddings and Supplies!


#Craftfest is open from 10th - 12 June 2016

Today we are featuring stalls from the Wedding and Supplies categories

#Craftfest - Wedding Stalls

Check our stall holders in the Wedding category, featuring
A perfect personalised gift for magical celebrations.  Horseshoes, hearts, spoons and rolling pins each trimmed with ribbons and embellishments to suit.

Wedding Confetti made from real, dried rose petals for your special day in a bespoke heart shaped box decorated in your wedding colours.

A unique business based in South Devon in the UK.  We are unique because we are here for you!  We enjoy making each item of jewellery to the way you would like it!

#Craftfest - Craft Supplies

Have a look at the stalls selling craft supplies for all your crafting needs!

Beautz Nails Boutique
Candy Crystal
Teri B Fantasy Crafts
Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies & Haberdashery

Beautz Nails Boutique
Hand painted full false nails, designed by a fully trained nail technician.  Simple pop on and pop off nail art.

Candy Crystal
Kawaii craft supplies for unique projects, inc. cabochons, embellishments, jewellery making supplies and much more.

Teri B Fantasy Crafts
Crafting suppliers where importance is based on quality and customer service; with items concentrating on the mystical and magical.

Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies & Haberdashery
All you need to make your own beautiful bags, a wide range of interfacing
 and hardware, plus the largest collection of Emmaline Bags Hardware in the UK.

Head on over to  #craftfest open from 10th - 12 June 2016 to check out more great stalls!
























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