Monday, 25 February 2013

Black Team Craftfest - Part 4

And so we progress onto things of a basic need - Soap!  BathbombCreations will not disappoint you!  They have featured recently on the pet stall - but hat is nothing in comparison to their bath and beauty section as you can see from the slideshow below.  You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest and more about their highly anticipated website on their blog.

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Next up is the leader of the Black Team.  Soap Art by ScENT.  That would be me but in fairness - I don't make much of the soap.  Carla is the true artist in question and I do not hesitate in anyway from shouting out loudly from the roof-tops that I think her art is nothing short of spectacular!  You can hook up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bizspeaking, Craftjuice, Rebelmouse, Wanelo, WTY, ETSY, Folksy and Stumble Upon.  And here are a few of our items below.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

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