Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter "Do's and Don'ts"

Following up from our previous Blog on the basics of Twitter, this Blog post is designed to give you some more information as to the etiquette of Tweeting.  Some essential do’s and don’ts, and to just provide a few helpful hints and tips, so without further ado please read on…..

There are no rules or regulations with regards to Twitter, but you may find the following points helpful to bear in mind when Tweeting. 

  • Ensure you fill in your profile and biography so your followers can know more about you. It doesn’t have to be too much detail, but enough for your followers to know you are a real person.
  • Make sure you have an avatar.  There is nothing worse than having the ‘egg’ avatar.  Either use your own picture as your profile or your Business Logo
  • We already mentioned that each Tweet has a limit of 140 characters.  This in itself is a task – to be able to join in the conversation and make sense without rambling or just one word Tweets.
  • Avoid using punctuation in your username. Typing punctuation on mobile devices is difficult.
  • Don’t overthink your Tweets – say what you think or what you are doing
  • Try to have a mixture of Tweets.  This is especially important if you are using Twittter to promote your website/product.  Your followers will not just want to see the same Tweet of what you are selling or product you are offering.  Ensure you have a mix of ‘promotional tweets’ and more ‘personal’ tweets.
  • Try to ensure Tweets are longer that one word so your followers can understand you
  • Listen to what is being said on Twitter
  • Respond to Twitter followers when you can and join in the conversation.
  • Update your status at least once a day
  • Whenever you're referencing another Twitter user, use his name with an @ sign in the front so that the user can see that you mentioned him and so that other users see who you're talking about.
  • Hashtags on Twitter are key to give context to updates that may not make sense otherwise.
  • Be careful if you are auto Tweeting from another website.  For example if you are add a Pin to Pinterest you can Tweet this pin.  This is a great tool for cross social networking but just make sure your Tweets aren’t simply all posted from other websites and in the same format.
  • Never ever Tweet if you are cross or angry!  We all say things sometimes in the heat of the moment, but do not do this on Twitter!
  • Don't share information that you might regret making public.
  • When you first sign up and before you start tweeting regularly, don't follow hundreds of people. If you follow someone, she checks out your profile to see whether she wants to follow you back; if she sees that you've tweeted once or twice and you're following hundreds of people, she may think you're just a spam account.
  • Start slowly, following people you know and who know you. Then, as you start tweeting regularly, follow more people based on your interests.
  • Don't send an update when a direct message is more appropriate — when the update is meaningless to anyone except one person, for example. If the person doesn't follow you, you can send an update that contains her name, asking her to contact you over another medium.
  • Don't feel the need to thank everyone publicly for following you. It's a nice thing to do, but not always necessary, and some users even find it irksome.
  • Don't think that Twitter success has anything to do with your follower count.
  • Schedule Tweets - If you are not around to be able to tweet regularly (and to be honest none of us are!), then using a third party software will help:
    • Hootsuite - 
    • Tweetdeck - 
    • Twuffer -
Hopefully you will find these "Do's and Don'ts" helpful!  But the most important thing is to join in the conversation and get Tweeting!

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