Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Craftfest Blog Tour

Christmas Craftfest Blog Tour

Craftfest opens officially on Saturday 16th November for eight days, where there will be over 100 stalls full of goodies to browse and buy from.

As part of promoting the event and the stallholders, we are running a Blog Tour..

The Blog Tour will feature one or two stops a day.  At each stop you'll find a brand new blog post written by one of our fabulous stallholders.  Some may have tutorials, funny stories to share, projects or even giveaways!

Here is the schedule for our blog tour bus.  It will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook as well as many other places - so stick your hand out and we'll take you on a free magical tour around some wonderful crafty blogs!

Saturday 16th November
STOP 1 - The Old Button -
Sunday 17th November
STOP 2 - Cola Creations -
Monday 18th November
STOP 3 - Vicky Myers Creations - 
STOP 4 - Fabrilushus -
Tuesday 19th November
STOP 5 - Hectic Eclectic -
STOP 6 - Loopy's Place -
Wednesday 20th November
STOP 7 - Jane Cameron -
STOP 8 - Designs By Lisa -
Thursday 21st November
STOP 9 - Sew Jewellery -
Friday 22nd November
STOP 11 - Elsie May & Bertha -
STOP 12 - Bridgits Bell -
Saturday 23rd November
STOP 14 - BeadedBazaar -

We hope you'll all join us from 16th - 23rd November for Craftfest and the Blog Tour.
Don't miss out on your chance to browse and purchase thousands of handmade goodies in time for Christmas, and discover some fantastic blogs too!

To visit the 100+ stalls at Craftfest please click the picture below

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