Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hello to you all.  Have you enjoyed the trip so far?

What a CRAFTfest it has been so far!  Have you seen all the Tweets, Pins and Facebook links?  It's been fabulous.

How many of you have been on the Blog Tour since the beginning?  Oh, we have a few late comers.  No problem, let me show you where we've been, you are still welcome to go back and spend some time at each stop.

STOP 1 - The Old Button -

We learned a bit more about the swap items made from the last bus tour

STOP 2 - Cola Creations -

Featured Gift ideas for less than £5

STOP 3 - Vicky Myers Creations - 

All about recycled gift wrap

STOP 4 - Fabrilushus -

A wonderful recommendation for a fabric shop

STOP 5 - Loopy's Place -

A selection of items available from CRAFTfest

STOP 6 - Hectic Eclectic -

The first snow of the trip, and a round up of what's been happening.

Fortunately, the bus hasn't got stuck in the snow and there are more stops planned until Saturday.  Here's the itinerary of what's left to come.

Wednesday 20th November
STOP 7 - Jane Cameron -
STOP 8 - Designs By Lisa -
Thursday 21st November
STOP 9 - Sew Jewellery -
Friday 22nd November
STOP 11 - Elsie May & Bertha -
STOP 12 - Bridgits Bell -
Saturday 23rd November
STOP 14 - BeadedBazaar -

I hope you'll stay with us until the end, and please feel free to share with us your highlights of CRAFTfest and the Blog Tour


  1. OOPs, seems my comment vanished! I am enjoying the blog tour and have found new ones to follow. Why not promote this during tonights #handmadehour?

  2. Thanks for the round-up! Not entirely caught up yet, but getting there !