Friday, 10 February 2012

About CRAFTfest

Creative Connections is a friendly community of online Crafters. The Social Network itself was established in August 2009 and now has members from all over the world.
So, the third CRAFTfest is quickly approaching us, and this time we are holding a week-long event! Running from the 10th to the 18th March 2012, all day every day, and even though this event has increased in time, from a weekend to a week the price is still the same. All for only £5.00.
As we are on our third CRAFTfest, we are constantly improving how to run our virtual craft fair and learning more, and the services that we offer each time. So we thought that we would write some details down of the most commonly asked questions about CRAFTfest.

We were one of the first online craft fairs, and CRAFTfest isn’t just a virtual online craft fair! The main difference with CRAFTfest to other craft fairs, is that it is a community experience. The whole event is hosted on our Crafters Social Network, we are not just about uploading items to your stall and trying to sell things. We are about the bigger picture, making friends, interacting with other crafters, people who understand your passion, and your craft. We are about having fun in the forums and chatting in the chat room, exchanging tips, learning new ideas and speaking to other crafters that have years, months or weeks of experience. We can all learn something new from other people doing the same as us, running a business by ourselves and trying to make a living from crafting.
When it comes to advertising the event and promoting the event, for £5.00 you get a lot of time and effort invested in you and your business. CRAFTfest has a dedicated team of four Advertising Group Leaders who are there to help you promote your business, we post links on Twitter, Facebook and any other social network platforms that we may be members of. We also write blogs about each of your businesses, (as long as you provide the paragraphs and pictures for us to include). We encourage all the members of the group to promote each other in their groups and throughout the CRAFTfest event you will see numerous Tweets, and Facebook statuses from all of the group leaders promoting the event and different stalls within the event. As group leaders each leader has a dedicated group page on the Crafters Social Network and we encourage introductions and discussions on all of these group pages.

As well as the Advertising Groups CRAFTfest events are run in association with Creative Crafting Magazine, and The Professional Crafters Guild, who both heavily promote the event in their magazine, their websites and on their own Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We also have Press Releases about each event that are picked up by lots of large organisations who are interested in our event.

As a person signed up to CRAFTfest we have lots of FREE promotional products for you to use yourself, including many different styled square badges, rectangle banners, and posters that can all be added to your Websites, Facebook pages, Blogs, Twitter accounts, any other social networking sites and can be printed off and put in your windows, given out to friends, placed in your cars, the list is endless. This is all stuff that we do at CRAFTfest to make it that little bit different and to help you, remember we are a community at the end of the day, and are not just about the week-long event. We are around forever and we want you to continue using us not just for these few days.
As well as all of this for CRAFTfest the Crafters Social Network completely changes over to specially constructed Stall Category Pages for the CRAFTfest event. This is not all, all of the Stall Holders Albums for CRAFTfest can be embedded into your websites, and Blogs, so you can show them off to people before the event, you can hold some special pre event showings. Make your customers feel special, give them a little treat. Once the event is over, we also offer the advantage that we don’t go through the Crafters Social Network and take down all the stalls that have been paid for, they are there until you want to take them down. So once you have signed up for one CRAFTfest all you have to do for the others is update your stall and you are ready to go again. It is really that easy.
As a Crafters Social Network we pride ourselves on being very approachable and that we always listen to our members. We want to welcome you all as a member of our community, as we said before we can all learn from one another, when running our businesses and crafting as a living. We are all a friendly bunch and there is no question too small for us, so if you are starting out crafting, or if you are an experienced seller in your field then come on over and join CRAFTfest! After all it isn’t just about the selling it is about being a part of an understanding community! One where we all understand one another!