Friday, 10 February 2012

CRAFTfest Blog & Share

Welcome to the new CRAFTfest blog!
CRAFTfest is approaching quickly, with now only around a month to go until we go live for an entire week!

As the countdown slowly closes to the end of the CRAFTfest stall bookings, we all have to start now on really heavily promoting the event.

We here, at CRAFTfest HQ, can only do as much as we possibly can to get each individual stall holder promoted.

We have a new forum discussion post open on Creative Connections called 'Is your stall ready for promotion?
If you feel that your stall is ready for some promotion (items on, descriptions written, prices added, links for purchase available) add them to the discussion post and we can all start shouting about you on Facebook, twitter etc.

Over the next coming days and weeks leading up to CRAFTfest, the blog will start to be flooded with all your blog information that you sent us when signing up, along with your product images. This will be a fantastic advertising opportunity to blog and share with your buyers. 

We hope then that you will be able to share our Blog, Facebook and Twitter posts, and your friends and CRAFTfest Team members will do the same for you, and you will do the same for them!
We'd like to call this the CRAFTfest Blog & Share

For your convenience, under each blog post you will find a 'share' tool, that looks like this
you can then link the blog page to several different social networking sites. 

We look forward to seeing your Facebook, Blogs and Twitter accounts being flooded with CRAFTfest advertising for you and your team members.
 Remember to use our #CRAFTfest hashtag - it would be fantastic to get it trending on Twitter throughout the CRAFTfest week itself!

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  1. Thanks guys, think this is really helpful

    Flick (Lilac team)