Tuesday, 7 August 2012

No.6 Coral team Craftfest stall preview

Coral Team



Welcome to Chicntrendy where we (Helene & Suzie) create and craft home décor items.  We love what we do and strive to create individual and unusual pieces that you will love too. 
These include period, painted and distressed, furniture which we source from UK and France using natural chalk based paint and wax to give it a soft sheen and protect the surface. Decoupaged pottery using chalk based paints to create a textured linen-like surface and then hand cutting images from a range of sources to decorate and embellish finally protecting with several layers of varnish.  For walls there are decorative wreaths for all seasons and all rooms including rag and ribbon wreaths in a variety of colours and materials, seaside wreaths using natural objects and shells beach-combed on holidays and finally sweet smelling natural fruit, spice and herb wreaths for the kitchen.  Soft furnishings include appliquéd cushions and throws for adults and children. Enjoy 

Please check out our CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Made By Laura

 I am a full time mum to my baby girl and have just started my own little handmade business. I’m the least creative person you will ever meet, or so I thought, but once I started making ...I couldn’t stop and it really is true that once the creative juices start flowing....they don’t stop either. Made By Laura is only a few weeks old but so far so good and I am really enjoying this new chapter in my life. Made By Laura aims to create cute, quirky, personal gifts for the little ones in our lives, and a few bits for the bigger people too! I make personalised canvases, freestanding letters, button frames and much more. 

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team

Rota art

I am an art photographer, illustrator and ceramic artist. Everything I design or make is made by myself; I have many creative skills and bring them together in my work. I take inspiration from much in nature, literature, architecture and life. Presently i'm mainly working on hand made photographs, 'Cyanotypes' inspired by lingerie and the female form. These I produce on fabric and then embroider and embellish with beads; making them quite beautiful. I have only recently stepped out into the world of self employment and am very excited to share my art.

Please Check out my CRAFTfest stall

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