Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CRAFTfest Stall Links & Avatars

**UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 21:00**

Evening festers!

So, we are going to hit the button later on this evening on Creative Connections to turn the network into CRAFTfest!
This is the time to check and double check your stall and make sure it works correctly. 
Please send in any corrections to 

The link below is a list of all the information that has been used to build CRAFTfest itself. This link will open up a spreadsheet which updates live from CRAFTfest HQ! (All personal data eg emails, have been removed for privacy reasons)

Please find yourself and make sure all your information is up to date. Any avatars that we haven't had in yet would be gratefully received. We still have time to put them up!

Any 'festers that are yet to send in their stall URL, please do, although your stall already lies at the end of its category. Any stalls with no links will be deleted at the beginning of the 'fest on Saturday.

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