Thursday, 23 August 2012

September CRAFTfest Stalls List

***UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 20:34**

September #CRAFTfest is almost upon us!!
1st - 8th September!

Here is the final booked stalls list for the event to help you all promote. The main category pages will be available for you to check your links when Creative Connections switches over during the week before the event. We had 184 stalls booked for this one.

If you haven't got a stall link next to your business name please submit it here   immediately. Thank you.

Business Name Stall URL

Mystic Earth Mystic Earth Stall
Sprinkles Sparkles Sprinkles Sparkles Stall
Scrapbookerry Scrapbookerry Stall
MinXtures MinXtures Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Stall
Lorraine Dowdle Creations Lorraine Dowdle Creations Stall
MinXtures Cards MinXtures Cards Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Baby Stall
Lorraine Dowdle Creations Lorraine Dowdle Creations Stall
The Bead Bounty The Bead Bounty Stall
Perfect Patchwork Perfect Patchwork Supplies Stall
Handmade in Keswick Handmade in Keswick Stall
The Bead Bounty The Bead Bounty Jewellery Stall
Shinyies Shinyies Stall
Raven's Stained Glass Raven's Stained Glass Stall
Nevar Nevar Stall
Serenity Potions Serenity Potions Stall
Paulines Passions Paulines Passions Stall
Personal Space Interiors Personal Space Interiors Stall
Personal Space Interiors Personal Space Interiors Vintage Stall
Waterlily Designs Waterlily Designs Stall
Hannahbella Cards and Lovehuggles Hannahbella Cards and Lovehuggles Stall
Inkyprints-Originals Inkyprints Originals Stall
Auli'i Beads Auli'i Beads Stall
Bonnie Beads Bonnie Beads Stall
Woolly Pig Designs Woolly Pig Designs Stall
Oakapple & Rose Oakapple & Rose Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Baby & Child Stall
Waterlily Keepsakes Waterlily Keepsakes Stall
Makeaholic Makeaholic Stall
LO! Designz LO! Designz Stall
Tasha's Creations Tasha's Creations Stall
Kipper Tie And Cake Kipper Tie and Cake Stall
Mammazooms Mammazooms Stall
Kabuki Kabuki Stall
Shalotte Shalotte Stall
Ello Design Ello Design Stall
Beautiful,Beautiful Beads Beautiful, Beautiful Beads Stall
Clementine's Threads Clemtine's Threads Stall
Loutul Loutul Stall
Willow's Room Willow's Room Stall
Cheeky Rose Studio Cheeky Rose Studio Stall
Arabella's Attic Arabella's Attic Stall
Nicole de Bruin Nicole de Bruin Stall
Patrice Jewellery and Handmade Crafts No Album available on profile
sadiesjewellery Sadies Jewellery Stall
BerryNiceCrafts Berry Nice Crafts Stall
BerryNiceCrafts Berry Nice Crafts 2nd Stall
BelleBangles cancellation
Acacia Crafts Acacia Crafts Stall
Bowman Bears Bowman Bears Stall
jennyrosemann JennyRosemann Stall
Kozmic Dreams Kozmic Dreams Stall
Lionheart Stationers Lionheart Stationers Stall
Jellybean Jewellery Jellybean Jewellery Stall
tierra natural skin care Tierra Natural Skin Care Stall
Ruby Loves Flamingos Ruby Loves Flamingos Stall
The Long Collection The Long Collection Stall
The Long Collection The Long Collection Card Stall
SelenarteDecoupage Selenarte Decoupage Stall
Baird Designs Baird Designs Stall
My Calico Heart My Calico Heart
Pins and Needles Worcester Pins and Needles Worcester
The Crafty Cwtch No Album available
All Things Blankets & More All Things Blankets & More Stall
Revive Holistic and Beauty Therapies Revive Holistic and Beauty Therapies Stall
The Old Button The Old Button
centi-bead Centi-Bead Stall
norfolkwoodcrafts norfolkwoodcrafts
The Wax Worx The Wax Worx Stall
Ostra's Creations Ostra's Creations Stall
MaisyPlum Maisy Plum Stall
Ellorias Boutique Ellorias Boutique Stall
lovehugskisses Lovehugskisses Stall
Rainbow Sparkles Crafts Rainbow Sparkles Crafts Stall
mad about bags Mad About Bags Stall
The Pot Factory The Pot Factory
Dream of Silver Dream of Silver Stall
Puppets in a bag Puppets in a bag Stall
Lottie of London Jewellery Lottie of London Jewellery Stall
Tangent Crafts Tangent Crafts Stall
D & D Designs Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery D & D Designs Stall
tag'e'line tag'e'line Stall
ColaCreations Cola Creations Stall
Brimble Originals Brimble Originals Stall
Amigurumi Barmy Cant find you on CC
The Ruby Range The Ruby Range
angels crafty wonders Angels Crafty Wonders Stall
BeadedBazaar Beaded Bazaar Stall
Created In Cloth Created in Cloth Card Stall
Hingston Designs Hingston Designs Stall
Natural Bathing Co Natural Bathing Co Stall
Scentcosmetics Scentcostmetics Stall
Because of Annie Because of Annie Stall
Bibs 'n' pieces Bibs'n'pieces Stall
Shabby Chicness Shabby Chickness Stall
Cut and Tear No Album available
KOOSHKA London Kooshka London Stall
The Cake Nest The Cake Nest Stall
alison todd ceramics Alison Todd Ceramics Stall
Susie sparkles jewellery No Album available
KK Marie's KK Maries Stall
Amanda Lincoln Party Printables Amanda Lincoln Party Printables Stall
PollyAJewellery PollyA Jewellery Stall
Siog Designs Siog Designs Stall
Fashion, Inked Fashion Inked Stall
Globie Makes handmade by Zoe Globie Makes Handmade By Zoe Stall
Globie Makes handmade by Zoe Globie Makes Handmade By Zoe 2nd Stall
Oakwood Soaperie Oakwood Soaperie Stall
The Gilded Mussel The Gilded Mussel Stall
Velvetpaws Velvetpaws
Lynsey Loves xxx Lynsey Loves xxx Stall
JillyBeanPottery JillyBean Pottery Stall
ChicnTrendy ChicnTrendy Stall
Made By Laura Made By Laura
Simply soaperior Simply soaperior
Rota art Rotar Art Stall
Far North Soap No Album available
Tremough Glass Tremough Glass Stall
Jewellery By Jora Jewellery By Jora Stall
January's Jewels No Pictures or Album available
Little Creatures Little Creatures Stall
Unique Handcrafts Unique Handcrafts Stall
Bright Glass No Pictures or Album available
HannahSmithStone HannahSmithStone Stall
Mariposa Textiles Mariposa Textiles Stall
Crystalpower2u Crystalpower2u Stall
Sockies by KFH Sockies by KFH Stall
the crystal cavern The Crystal Cavern Stall
GemzGems GemzGems Stall
Milly & Me Designs Milly & Me Designs
Emmy Jewellery Emmy Jewellery Stall
Free Spirit Designs Free Spirit Designs Stall
Vintage Beadery Vintage Beadery Stall
The MacsX The MacsX Stall
Beadtopia Beadtopia Stall
Country Bazaar Country Bazaar Stall
Kerri Robberts Designs Kerri Robberts Designs Stall
Daisydoo's Designs Daisydoo's Designs Stall
Silver Angel designs Silver Angel desings
Angela Brookens Art Angela Brookens Art Stall
Shamballary Beads Shamballary Beads Stall
Daniblu Jewelry Daniblu Jewellery Stall
Kiera L Dewar - Artist cancellation
Hoobynoo World Hoobynoo World Stall
Plusheeze Plusheeze Stall
Cottage Soap Company Cottage Soap Company Stall
Fairy Elephant Designs Fairy Elephant Designs Stall
Cute! Pet Gear Cute! Pet Gear Stall
Paula McGurdy No Pictures or Album available
Camelot Creations Camelot Creations Stall
Jewellery By Lauren Jewellery By Lauren
All at Sea All At Sea Stall
Pink Sparkles No Pictures or Album available
BeauBangles Beau Bangles Stall
The Shed The Shed Stall
BadEricBoutique BadEricBoutique Stall
Chanelled Creations Chanelled Creations Stall
Craftie Chicks Craftie Chicks Stall
Tumblebead Tumblebead Stall
Pickle Pie Creations Pickle Pie Creations
Louise Spokes Louise Spokes Stall
Cariads Nest Cariads Nest Stall
paperheartcreation Paperheartcreation Stall
Perfect Day Wishes Perfect Day Wishes Stall
Sew Make Me Sew Make Me Stall
Nanuk Jewellery Nanuk Jewellery Stall
PlanetPompom Planet PomPom Stall
Animal Spirit Art Animal Spirit Art Stall
LindiBears LindiBears Stall
inspiredbyJanie Inspired By Janie Stall
DinoBelle No Pictures or Album available
The Craft Arcade The Craft Arcade Stall
Sheena Rogers Designs Sheena Rogers Designs Stall
InkBison InkBison Stall
Just K Jewellery Just K Jewellery Stall
Dolly What Not Dolly What Not Stall
Silverfusion Silver Fusion Stall
Rachel Warren Jewellery Broken Stall Link - Please submit your link here  asap
2 Crafty Birds 2 Crafty Birds Stall
Lisa Mahaffey Lisa Mahaffey Stall
Fungi Futures No Album available
Indigomoss Limited Cant find you on CC

All stalls that do not exist, are empty or have no link submitted by 5pm on Thursday 30th August will be removed from the main stall pages that are being created. Please make sure that you do not miss out!

***UPDATED 28th August 2012 at 20:34**


  1. Hello - I've added my link to Pins and Needles Worcester now :-)

  2. Just checked my link all seems fine, thanks for your hard work :)

  3. Hi, my stall link works perfectly, but while I've been doing blogs for the Lilac team I've noticed that MacXs and Beadtopia's links don't work.
    Apologies if they've already let you know.
    Joy at BeadedBazaar

  4. My stall link is correct on this page but since they have been launched it is wrong on this page!

    Please can you fix? Thank you should be

    Jill @KOOSHKA London