Wednesday, 8 August 2012

No.7 Coral team Craftfest stall preview

Coral Team

Shamballary Beads

Hand made bracelets and rings

Please check out my CRAFTfest Stall

Coral Team

Tremough Glass

I make and sell OOAK fused glass and dichroic jewellery. I

 sell at craft fairs (twice a month) and have a shop on Etsy 

called Tremough Glass.

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

Coral Team


 Handcrafted...Little things...Happy thoughts

Ever since my mom taught me the basics and give me some tools to start making jewelry I have not stop creating. I have found a way to interpret my thoughts, it is the most relaxing and enjoyable time to be with myself. I am always full of ideas to recreate my dreams and what I like, I have a passion for tiny beads and I tend to do everything in the most delicate way.
I hope you enjoy my store full of thoughts; every piece I made comes with a story behind sometimes they guided me and really entertain me a lot!
Is pure joy for you to enjoy!

Please check out my CRAFTfest stall

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